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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  June 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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that's what's blocking evesham road right now. the route 13 on-ramp at i-295, we're dealing with an accident on that ramp. it's not backing things up on either 6 the hiof the highways y could see lane clos. the drive times on the other majors, 76 east and westbound, that's about a 14-minute trip right now. for drirs thing to we h a new pattern in place near girard. watch for . your drive time, inutes both ways between woodhaven and the i searching for an d rbep a sunoco gas station iomery county. nb was there afficers cohoshort time laten haverford road, also in lower
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mari. police are not sure if this one is connected to the earlier robbery at the sunoco. from the nbc 10 south jerseg what caused a three-car crash thatled a-year-old . this accident aund 8:30 on mount holly road in burlingtonip. two other peopleere injured in this crash. on v is listed in critical condition. pennsylvaniattne neral leen kane wi release a spe ror takes a cr look into how swifch against jey ky. nbc 10 katrye with a look what' happening laters morning around 0,ttory general will release the findings of this review. so she chose a former federal prosecutor with local ties pseandled the char here's a picture of neraw
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school professor jeff molten. it tthrears forha to beiled against sandusky. he's currentvi 30-to-60-year sentence. attorney general kane suggested nor tom corbett thenp positionç have d political motivation to slow ofot invold t tpolar firing o famed football coach joe paterno and bettas cbe mns the haned properly, sang his investigators needed time to develop reluctant witness. i dieachut to the at ge oice to f more informati ainbout t c l rng 10:30.aveet to hear back. when i do, i'l pass that information on to you. reporting live in the digital operations center, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. stay with nbc 10 and as we learn details of this special report. nbc 10's rosemary connors will
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be in harrisburg when the report will be released at 10:30 this morning. today, federal mediators begin hearings with septa and union representatives. the meeting is a result of the present' eat ended that one-daykeon septa'sa earlier this month. the two sides have been arguing over wnd pension mediators will take their enesnextnt>> arelong ec on the crisis ry ofte john kerry landed in baghdad just a as sunni argu argues- insurgents match across the company. this is the secretary of state arriving in jordan yesterday. t past two days, isis took over four cities. today kerry will meet with leaders in iraq to push them to take action. >> the united states would like to see the iraqi people find leadership that is prepared to
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represent all of the people of iraq. >> the secretary of state is now urging all arab states to work together to stop the sunni terror group. it was a violent weekend in the city of philadelphia. police say three people were killed in at least nine shootings. the most recent happening sunday evening in west oak lane. police say they found more than a dozen shell casings on the 1900 block of 69th anue know ogontz avenue. no arrests have been made in any of this ekensshootings. ten familie of their homes one day after an apartment fire in montgomery county th started yesterday morning inside this building on 4th street and pensburg. the red cross is providing clothes, food and shelter for those people who h avno. al tthe athered last night f
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lost. t-shirts hadhe names, thoswho were shot and killed in delaware county ov tas yrs.t anti-violence group called heeding god's call. and today in trenton, trats gather at the capital to protest a state of schools in new jersey. the groupue disicts are underfunded and mismanaged. protesters will call on governor christie to make changes. today the ud network for organ sharing isto exp vote on an under 12 policy for lung donations. this vot comes afterç the sayr -- sara mernihan case. her family is expected to talk today after the results of the vote. the price of at the pump keeps jumping and rising.
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we'll take a look at why the cost is going up and tell you what to expec pay in youwo you' to buy yourself a cup of coffee at starbucks. going to get a temperature hike today. sun is just coming up. we'll be in the 80s this afternoon. the few clouds on the horizon will be moving out.
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now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> saw scatteredshd te yesterday. ing,louds are moving out. see l right sunshine. the humidity is going to stay nice and low. and the temperatures will be climbing for the rest of the we. there's a possility we'll see . right now 61 degren allentown, northeast philadelphia, 61 degrees. it's 58 in millville. everybody seeing sunshine. th live view from the comcast r. you can see clouds on horizon. mostly clear, directly overhead.
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process will begin shortly. we'll see the numbers climb into the 80s with nothing but suhi a toç th clear skies. the forecast calling for l 80s for allentown and quakertown. a few morning clouds in trenton and northeast philadelphia and doylesto. takes overing with 83 for mound holly. upper 70s near the 80 degree mark. cape may and atlantic upper 70s for the jersey shore to mov low to mid-80s this afternoon, philadelphia 84 degrees. it's 82 for glassboro and wilmington. sunshine today. enjoy the low humidity because that is going be. but it won't change tonight. a g at night for the ballpark with temperatures in the 70s. atouth0n hour. the wind dies down with the lgi,hefo cs coming down.
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5:40onyo lik wedes f you to back. navigate around. >> let's check with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter jillian me >> we have a new traffic pattern set up in the construction zone on 95 near girard avenue. you'll nice a shift in the lanes out there this morning. an accident along route 13 for drivers in delaware. we have a new saturday on fisherville road near reeseville road. fire police are ott the scene directing trc. traffic can get by the accident scene but you will be detoured by the fire police. leave yourself extra time. the blue route is quiet in both. evesham road is closed between route 73 and brendenwood drive. take kresson roadrat way over there in the corner, you'll notice the flashing lights. that is the closingnttro
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n affecting traffic on 73 but it's still something for you to be aware of. 295 northbound to the route 13 on ramp, coming from route 13, the ramp between the interchange at 13 and 295. expect to see lane restrictions out there. aside from that, we're not reporting any other issues. 495 is closed between exits 2 and 3. gas prices are slowly rising, up an average 2 cents in the last two weeks. analysts say prices could continue to increase as violence in iraq continues. the national average is $3.71. that's compared to the average in the local market of $3.65. get ready to pay more for your morning starbucks latte. on average, the drink prices will go up 5, perhaps 20 cents. starbucks is also raising the
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bags of coffee by a dollar starting next month. they made headlines worldwide after a daring escape from prison by helicopter. now those three fugitives are back in custody. we'll show you where they were captured by a s.w.a.t. team. how about cruising out of atlantic city? find out who wants to the casino town a port of call for cruise ships.ç
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i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup, 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee.
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the mayor of atlantic city plans to ask the federal government to establish a port in the resort town. mayor don guardian says he would like to make atlantic city a stopover port for regional cruise lines that operate smaller ships. engineering study showed that atlantic city's w a eugh to accommodate krutz ships up to 200t long. the neinoard s discuss student editors refusal to printe the school masc mascot. they voted in october to ban the word redskins, callingt a racial slur. district officialsstents aren't that, saying they published the ion. n yo federal ruletç that the skins team is
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disparaging the name and its trademarks shod be but the ruling does not force the redskins to change their team name or logo. native american groups have been fighting the team for decades to change the name. >> this morning, sergeant bowe bergdahl is out of the hospital. bergdahl is receiving outpatient care in san antonio, texas. the army says he will continue his reintegration process with exposure to more people and social interactions. he was captured and held captive for five years by the taliban. they won't interview berg daal until medical experts say it's okay. russian president vladimir putin is calling for both sides in the ukraine conflict to find a compromise. in moscow, putin said a compromise could guarantee the rights of russian-speaking people in eastern ukraine. pro-russian separatists have declared independence and asked to join russia. yushg accuses russia of
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supporting that insurgency. three people are captured after sta escaping from a canadian prison. the fugitives had been on the run since june 7th when a helicopter pulled them from a prison courtyard. the men were on trial on charges of drug trafficking and murder at the time of their escape. a new report shows an investigation into a missing malaysia airlines flight is now focusing on one person. according to britain's "sunday times," ce s the captain f planned a landing on a remote island his flight simulator at home. the route was delighted but experts were able to pull it off his computer. ey this is circumstantial evidence and doesn't rule out terrorism or mechanical faile. fivevy rain leads to fgndandslides in eastern china. moring that 8,000 homes have been destroyed.
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the water has inundated farmland and left 100,000 acres of crops unuseable. the ministry of civic affairs says the loss for equals $650 million. now yourst weher with meteorologist bill henley. >> sun is coming up. the temperatures will be climbing from the 60s into the 80s this afternoon. we have a little bit of a breeze, just barely moving at 3 miles an hour. a few highudaround, too. those will be clearing out. you see some of them in this view from center city, mostly sunshine and you can start to see sunshine on the slopes inth. there's a live view from camel back this morning. 80s inland with sunshine. nice and bright. you seehe high clouds moving through right mainly sunshine andity today. there areaheahis a movin we and into the plains. that's a line of showers and some thunderstorms, extends from wisconsin into oklahoma and
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texas. powerful storms. cou see strong storms in our area come midweek. untithen w w bill dry. today, nice andcomfortable. the humidity stays low. warm temperatures into the low 80s with the southerly wind up to 12 miles an hour. tomorrow, another warm one. 85 degrees. the humidity will be on the increase. you'll see more clouds later in the day tomorrow. in fact there's a chance wll see showers tuesday night. moreç likely showers, thunderstorms on wednesday, high of 87 degrees. could get heavy downpours. still a chance of a shower thursday, friday and saturday, though i'm not expecti all-day rainfall on any one of those days. partly sunny skies and warmer, too, up to 88 degrees. >> the sun comes up. we get closer to the 6:00 hour. volume starts to build. we have troubled spots out there. >> let's get the details from jillian mele. what are you seeing. >> another new accident to tell you about.
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it's a pretty busy morning. this new accident is in east ship hill ad nr old valley hil. and to fisherville road near reeceville road. for drivers in new jersey, we're still dealing with a problem on evesham road near route 73. way over here in the corner, you can see the police activity. evesham road is closed at 73 all because of an accident in ta crescent road as youternatthere. for drivers in delaware, route 13, on the northbound side. lane restrictions will be at the ramp. we're not reporting any issues on mass transit. it's being called a revolutionary medical device. >> unbelievable to watch it
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happening. >> see the new prosthetic arm controlled by a person's thoughts and learn the science behind it. this reporter will never believe what he did on live television. thessg move that made him the story of the day
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and look at that gorgeous shot. sun just coming up as we take a look at philadelphia. >> pretty. >> first alert forecast is coming up from bill henley. it will be a nice day. for the first time ever a transgender priest was welcomed to the pulpit at the washington national cathedral. reverend cameron partridge delivered a message of acceptance. he's the episcopal chaplain. it was partf cathedral celebratio lgbt pride h. today a friend of b mara suspect is expected to appear in feral court for a detention hearing.
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tsarnaev broiscced deleting computer files and lying to investigators. three people were killed and 260 other people were hurt, you'll remember, when two bombs pl nea t finh le of accused bomber dzhokhar t his brotrilled in a lic investigators are trying to determin cau a f a sneyland incalifo. the small blaze broke out in a loading dock area yesterday ter. fifighters put it out in less than 20 minutes. the park was not evacuated and no one was hurt. icia say firefighters have a wildfire in new mexico about 60% contained. the fire has burned more than 2 square miles since it began a week ago, just east of the arizona/new mexico border.arean re-opened yesterday as the firefighters made progress against the blaze. investigators believe the fire was likely caused by a human.
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and part of a bri in western kentucky crashedow the tennessee rivthweeken cd the br at whether theew weeks. collapseamag the river's l.> afent type marath herashis ekn at city official call it a marathon. s loong to save te all-includedof ck rvic ests..cod up to 20 >> t new type of prostheticontrol by a becse o rmieayhesurgery. arm a f tricep andep buts coletrold by a person's t w h gonev n down to his forearm and rewires
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them up to the muscles he still has. it doubles the information we have to control the arm. >> he's looking forward to picking back up hobbies that he loves, like fi jillian mele, north carolina traffic reporter getting lot of web traffic after an on-air s didn't go as planned. take a look. >> don't split your pants, honey. i'm worried about your pants. i'll tell you what, did you hear this? i warned him. >> she warned him. the traffic reporter, chris lee, says he's an independent pro wrestler and he performs stunts like that all the time in the ring. usually he's wearing spandex, not dress pants. >> that's a detail you should have thought about before you
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did it on live tv. >> there's a $50,000 grant as well as two $25,000 grants. we're looking for ideas that will move your community forward. if you're a nonprofit, you can apply. applicatio being accepted up until augustth. m.nbyoioavormo free money. spread the word. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> the tsolve a labor dispu bet septa and its regional rail workers to avert another strike. on the path of civ war, u.s.ecretary of state john kerry is onthe ground trying to save iraq from militants there. and we get the week started with a nice warm summer y. a live look outside. detail on just how high the temperatures will go. we'll get that cing up. it64 degrees already.
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good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. m tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikama. monday, june 23rd, 2014. let's get to meteorologist bill henley for o firstrt forecast. >> itill be a warm one but the humidity will stay low. we'll see plentyf sunshine. live view of center city fm the adventure aquarium. philadelphia is d northeast philly, 62 degrees while it's 63 in trenton and 62 in wilmingt. stand by for plenty of sunshine. clouds thinning out, the temperatures warming up. we are up to 81 degrees and 84 degrees this afternoon, warm, yes but humidity, not today. that starts to change as we head into tomorrow, though. we go neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back.ç first, jillian mele has traffic. >> we have a lot o accidents out there. the good news, this saturday just cleared in delaware, route 13 northbound ramp to 259
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northbound. we had restrictions but that accident is out thereof. 495 at terminal avenue, it's still blocked o between exits 2 and 3 because of that deteriorating bridge out there. evesham road still closed between 73 and brendenwood drive because of an accident there. you can take crescent road as your altte


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